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Neverending​.​.​.​featuring J. Johnson

from When Ravens Cry (Album) by Jeremiah Bligen

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Verse 1, 3 & Hook: Written by Jeremiah Bligen
Verse 2: Written by J. Johnson

Verse 1 (JB):
Top down in a coupe with the wind blowing,
and I aint even got a drop, boy my mind's open,
that thing, washed clean since the sun flowed in, (Sun is a detergent)
stacking treasures, thats a kid, with chuckee cheese tokens,
heavenly, not the rubbish down here, through the
joint heir, why my knee caps doing stair moves,
Ive Found that when I seek, Lord you dont ever play hide,
Youre kind, though I acted bad, you never left, playwright (right)
stuck to your script, ive been steered, to the way,
got cares, but fear none (nun), mary clearanced (Clarence) it away, (Mary clarence is the nun from sister act, Mary also, mother of Jesus)
when she brought forth joy,
from her womb, all his wounds,
would then sooth and deploy
power and take root,
invested interest in this person, (Root is a character from the TV show Person of Interest)
cause you knew that my stock would burn,
right (write) works come up short,
life of a stenographer,
foresight binocular,
for the sake of the populous,
so I'll worship even if it aint popular,

Sky High as I roll through city,
eyes to the hills, help present, not pity,
smile on my face cause the joy thats within me,
is my strength, Im just thankful that youre with me.

Forsaken my way,
Walking in your love,
No matter which way the wind blows,
Im under the sun,
Oh this joy is Neverending!

Verse 2: J. Johnson:
You have my love, (Yes)
You have my trust, (Uh)
You make me laugh, (Yup)
You make me blush, (Uh)
Yup, bugging out thinking bout your promises,
Crush, 66 books, red letters, that’s tough,
Joy unspeakable, peek a boo
Unlimited eternal one,
That’s what I think of you,
Strength I’m abiding, riding,
Grace got me vibing,
You bosom where Im hiding,
I’m high man; the sky’s no limit,
I write so you get it,
He’s waiting come and visit,
And live with, you dig it,
I’m set like a digit, its vivid,
Your Warrior for glory, no need to be timid,
In stature a midget, to goliath imma giant,
A rebel for the kingdom,
To the wicked I’m defiant,
There’s fullness of joy,
In you my true lord, the righteous you fight for,
The guilty you abhor.


Verse 3 (JB):
Source of my strength,
Christ the Joy at the center,
That’s why we Spring forward,
in the middle of winter
I aint blind,
oh no Ray,
I can see it clearly,
but the suffering is temporal,
lobe - im listening,
and clinging to the sentence, secured by the blood,
not predicated on works,
but subject to his love,
so we serve while,
waiting, food to the nation,
the rock prunes us,
thats why eye brow raising (raisin).
in the sun
praise while I run.
stake to the lung,
of any bloodsucking vice,
all you lice take a plunge,
get these worries out of my hair,
so i can see you clear,
though evil is resident,
Im not infected by a fear,
yeah we right here planted,
sights been granted,
know you will be our lens (lin),
Jeremy wearing glasses
youll see us through,
when this lifes on tragic,
the surgeon stiching forever,
faith and hope on plastic.


Press forward,
God the Center of my life,
(everything is gonna be alright)

Trust that where I am,
is not out of your line of sight,
(everything is gonna be alright)

Though its hot,
I am content with your light,
I know
(everything is gonna be alright)

This present struggle,
doesnt compare, I'll find,
(everything is gonna be alright)


from When Ravens Cry (Album), released December 11, 2015
Produced by Beatman Reid.




Jeremiah Bligen North Carolina

Johns Island, SC native Jeremiah Bligen is committed to producing life-inspired content that encourages faith and devotion.

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