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When Ravens Cry (Album)

by Jeremiah Bligen

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Pardon The Interruption: Written by Jeremiah Bligen Hook: Now if you’re tired of mourning (Pardon the Interruption), Trying to survive, but you fallen (Pardon the Interruption), He hears us when we call him (Pardon the Interruption), Joy cometh in the Morning (Pardon the Interruption). You’re only here for a while now (Pardon the Interruption), Change don’t have to be foreign, Yen (Pardon the Interruption) Let us Rush a (Russia) revolution (Pardon the Interruption), When the enemies Stalling (Stalin) (Pardon the Interruption). Verse 1: Everyday it's the same old cycle, feet pushing the pedal (Petals), we hustling roses,/ aint right, this life, goes psycho, too much on our minds (mines), heading for an explosion!/ straight up, it aint all cute (acute), but obtuse, thats pressure from almost every angle,/ Total Nonstop daily boy we wrestle and fight, yeah Kurt’s tugging at both ankles,/ (Angle, wrestler, employed by TNA – Total Nonstop Action, finisher is the ankle lock) we’re all stuck here bound since the garden, destined for arson, crippled with death, strapped tight to our harness walking in darkness and stench exuding from our rotting carcass, we token dishonest broken harlots whose heart is the hardest, fallen and farthest from the harvest at the hem of his garment identity tarnished, vision clouded, surrounded by garbage, seemingly symbiotic struggle, so surrounded by carnage Cassidy (Cassidy is a bad guy from Spiderman, who goes by Carnage when taken over by Symbiote) I hustle these bars, (Cassidy the rapper’s hit song was Ima Hustla, had an album named BARS) to declare the truth of a promise. come down from auction. It’s on. Verse 2/Bridge: there is a better way, oh I pray before your lights go off, that he would enter your heart and let the tight grow soft, by grace come to faith, leave the sideshow, scoff, at this world, come to Christ, let the light show start. (Get up!) Im out here because you should know, there is one who can fill the void and help you move towards growth. you dont have to be a drone in this cold world alone, I just wanted to sing a song to interrupt what you on.
Take a Drive, To: Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Hook a: Trees pass as the speed mounts, Breeze breathes on the dash I’m, Leaned back, Eyes straight though I’m zoned out, Mind high, I’m travelling down all routes, Speed Bumps, Smoothed, No need to brake, Hi Beam Lights Bright, to see me through, Cruise, I take drives to clear my mind, To clear my sight, I’ll take a drive, TO. Verse 1: Fresh off the stage, First male in my line to Graduate. Trying to navigate the hurdles, While running the Race, Full Time Grind, Working, Schooling, and service, Expanding the Fam, and (Famine) Starve Idol (Idle) Worship (Warship), Kitty Hawking through the rubble left behind to me, (the Kitty Hawk is a decommissioned US Naval Ship) Eyes Fixed, Led by the divine in me. Though life dealt a (Delta) bad hand, united in faith, Depend upon the Spirit to manage the freight, Wait (Weight). Maybe I’m out of my mind, To, even believe there is a divine,/ Maybe all that there is, is by happenstance, And purpose, is a contrived, myth of the mind,/ Maybe the elements convened and mastered a plan, Determined perfect combinations and created air,/ Exact distance from the sun, Gravitational Excellence, In architecture, Orchestrated an Atmosphere./ and footprints imprint, Isn’t minted for cause,/ And Hope, Peace, Love, Just raised of Oz,/ To have a diamond of a heart, is relative, Family, there are no rules to this game of Cards,/ Maybe the best and worst here, Is heaven and hell, And those sentenced have no way out,/ bound, stuck in the darkness, Cant Pray Out,/ Cause they Preyed On perhaps the Light Switch is Out./ Hook b: Maybe forgiveness is a lie, healed hearts just psychological transference / To an extravagant dream of something better, And moral code, manufactured as a deterrent. / Maybe there’s no detergent, it’s all fabricated, And life, is meant for self to thrive and nothing more, / Do me, my pleasure exasperated, trust none, Worship I, for I am Lord./ God. Verse 2: Maybe I would be out of my mind, Not to believe there is a divine, Maybe all there is, isn’t happenstance, And purposeless life, is just fruit of rebellious design, Maybe the master had a plan, Convened the elements, an immaculate combination, he created air, shaped, Light strict distance from earth, mathematical perfection, And Coordinated time and space. Maybe the Chair that I sit in, The car that I’m driving, Its Craftsmanship, Make, Model screams creator, Duh right? Yeah Like, common sense, Maybe the same sense says creations the same. Maybe the best of the earth is worst that the bowels of Heaven, And the worst of earth better than the bliss of Hell, Maybe its not relative, we adopted a lie, And Listening to with the Joker got us on a ledge, well, Maybe we all cry, and we all hurt, At times don’t understand, Misinterpret its worth. Listen, Maybe there is a balm, That in time, soothes the pain, But leaves the scar, So we could remember its name. tragedies fall, And reasons are absent, sometimes Comfort is the only answer. So yeah, maybe Im out of my mind, But Ill always believe upon the divine! Maybe a battered and broken kid from the southside, Can see his heart pried, Open wide, before them Z’s caught him slippin Unrepentant, death sentenced, On that darkside. And he aint have to earn it he loved him His mercy it covered and lifted all the burdens the struggle, There for every breathing creature for it is surgery, bludgeoned, By the Spirit of God through sacrifice in Jesus we’re covered, Maybe in Jesus we’re covered, not another, Just, maybe, the hand dealt, leads to a win, If we would only get in to the right game, Don’t play with Hearts, when we’re on spades, Solitaire or Uno, when it’s Pairs, wait Maybe the light switch is out but we can change the bulb, And that Light, can penetrate the Night his blood Gives peace and strength, Let his love anoint, Or maybe all those maybe’s made you miss the point: Its Faith. By Grace He’ll see that we live, But they come must believe that he is, first. Hook a: Trees pass as the speed mounts, Breeze breathes on the dash I’m, Leaned back, Eyes straight though I’m zoned out, Mind high, I’m travelling down all routes, Speed Bumps, Smoothed, No need to brake, Hi Beam Lights Bright, to see me through, Cruise, I take drives to clear my mind, To clear my sight, I’ll take a drive, TO.
Bleed 05:11
Bleed Written by Jeremiah Bligen Verse 1: This struggle, Been real, weight on my back, raised in the dirt, mama working 24, still all this life we aint never had jack fox on my tail, (Jack Bauer is the lead character from show 24, shown on fox), it seems that he's ahead, am I really chasing him? this war in my head. so sour, trying to get past to the sweet, (Warheads is a candy that starts off sour but gets sweet) pass on seats in heat just to stand on my knees, Lord! Its always something, If it aint the shower, its the stove or the oven, cant dispose of the trash, cause the water turned off, were sunk, trying to get up, but this world keeps flushing. I’m in this car, mothers in an ambulance, feels like a Hurst this cant be happenstance, blood vessels burst, 4 years after daddy passed? the very same way? this would be even worse… Oh my lord took care of others, all of her life, (My mother was an Nurses assistant at a nursing home and in home caretaker) now she laid up, with a shut left eye, weak on the right, sugar all over, pressure sky high, Losing her mind, WHAT? 5 strokes?! woman of faith here, ship sailed straight, no, not perfect, yet stood firm, foundation was thrashed by waves, talked about, betrayed, yet stayed, by Grace - saved. lord I know we all have cups, Every man must sip, still this seems shot, not shocked - just hurt to see her go through, more. yeah, I am aware that no man’s immune, but lord I feel this, though the spirits in tune, this flesh is weak, I seek comfort in you. mind my mind, mine for thines, assorted truth find divine, in spite, of grime, search for you Lord! theres need, theres pain, its dark, fighting to stand, barely can walk, tide rising high on multiple fronts, Lord be my strength, help me bear this Cross. Hook 1: Lord I'm Calling because I need you to strengthen me, I am worn out from the brawling, I'm fighting yet, the tension gleans, I’m in a war for my mind, and my might, it wont succeed, we are hurting, world is fallen, rotten, Lord please bring relief, You have all power, Father, so this hour, I submit my sight, I need you to be my eyes, Hear me as I Cry. Verse 2: This Struggle, Been Real, Recycle (Bin) that tape (Reel), Weight on my back, raised in this dirt, wrapped in a wreck full of hex, even my breath, reeks from the taint. Wait, Hold On, Sat high, looked low, Before there was even a low, to look on, Way before, before it all came, This death certificate was shook on. See (C) - by me all came to be (B), Alpha (A). Power Ranged from 3., Show Power Rangers had a robot assistant named Alpha , 3-Godhead)/ Thee and we, Balanced, in mind, everything in its prime, aligned. in the cool of the day,/ relationship abided, in came that snake, jake, / Stone cold, and Stunned, All of creation with hate, (Stone Cold is a wrestler who began his iconic rise to fame by mocking John 3:16, attacking his opponent, Jake the Snake Roberts, who quoted scriptures) Wait Pride polluted and tarnished perfection. Injected doubt broke trust with a question, Calmly Convoluted Commands to Reject it, Neglected stout hope lust insurrected, Affections reroute to self and Infection sprouts, Will Curse all with a sentence Disobedience altered Direction. Now everything is fallen, dejected, A foul, to be called, an ejection, upon all, the products, defected Dark overall, now its all’s this complexion Call disconnected Now there’s a Dial Tone. - Love mourns. How’s that for injustice? Being Crushed, For those who crushed us, By those who crushed us, Knowing they wouldn’t love us. Yet to reconnect to the still born. elect, to interject his will, born, In a shack, where slop lays, and ills swarm, I’ll hang, blood drenched, my skin torn. I’ll Stand in-between, To get you to the source (God), take the whole magazine (taking all the bullets, the wrath). While My mother watches, So your mother can walk in, Give up the Casper (Ghost), To provide, everything. I’ll (Jesus) Bleed. Hook 2a: As you sit behind that wheel, war inside you cry, broken hearted, humbled, weary, tired of this life, know your burdens I have carried, let my yoke reside, foundations of the earth, I had you in mind. so I Bleed, to restore this from its fallen state, Bleed. Free your mind and cover you with Grace, Bleed. In Forever I have made a place, There’s now Power, you can overcome, When Ravens Cry Out My Name, I’ll Bridge: Be Every thing you need, joy, comfort, wisdom, peace, resource, refuge, strength, indeed, oh when you call on me I’ll. dont be anxious or worry, I'll be, your sound mind, power, relief, fear not son, I'm all that you need, oh when you call on me. Hook 2b Bleed, to restore this from its fallen state, Bleed. Free your mind and cover you with Grace, Bleed. In Forever I have made a place, There’s now Power, you can overcome, When Ravens Cry Out My Name, I’ll Hook 1b: I’m in a war for my mind, and my might, it wont succeed, we are hurting, world is fallen, rotten, Lord please bring relief, You have all power, Father, so this hour, I submit my sight, I need you to be my eyes, Hear me as I Cry.
Closer: Written by Jeremiah Bligen Verse 1: Now every now and then I forget that it’s hopeless, without you, and depend on my strength and emotions, lose sight of the fact that I’m blind, And lie dormant, its like cast amnesia, I forget that I'm broken, father forgive me, I know that without you I'll stay packed with ambitions for the green, a slave to the bay, Lord be my eyes, provide sight Let me walk in your ways, and obey your John through matthew, I'm your clay Bridge: Destruction abounds, to clothe me with fear temptations to doubt, depend on my gears. I come to you now, my Cross to bear, let your Cross empower, Grace and Mercy ensnare. Hook: I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be..Closer, closer to your heart Verse 2: Closer, Not in proxy, for you lie within, but as in focus, magnifying your truth, my lens, filled with your Glory, as I gaze upon the hills to call, not worthy, yet worthy through the kin of james, you sawed, through my hardened heart, my bearded sight removed, (Kin of James = Jesus, whose brother was named James, also, Kin of James=John, the villain on the movie Saw, also James/Harden/Beard) Closer, let me remember the wonders in which your word produced, you flipped and parted seas, You are the sovereign King, forgave the foolish fallen, he who pardoned fleas, Make me mindful of my broken mind, how you mended and primed, my arteries so that my body could be filled with life! Oh God You are my source, my Lord, my strength, my everlasting, I need to be fixed on you, even when feelings rapture, and when the passions present, Lord present it as captured, directed at you in praise, bleeding into my actions, Cut out uneeded scenes, conform me to your image, I need you to be closer, My relief pitcher. Hook: I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be.. Closer, to you I need to be..Closer, closer to your heart Break: (x2) Refresh Me, Renew Me, Holy Spirit, Consume Me. (as in “absorb all of the attention and energy of; use up) (x2) As I draw close, to you Lord, You draw closer, to me, And the closer I am, I’ll see you’re all that I need. (Rap along with previous stanza) My Lord and my Master, My King, You’re my Ruler My Lord, My Source and my Strength I will Cling to your truth in this storm. My Source and my Strength I will Cling to your truth in this storm. My Source and my Strength I will Cling to your truth in this storm.
Waiting Room: Verse 1: Written by BLACKWELL Verse 2: Written by Reflect Verse 3 & Hook: Written by Jeremiah Bligen Verse 1 (BLACKWELL): By the way you’ve got my soul elevated, I’m looking down on the cloud, And silence never sounded so loud, I can hear the wind whispering, Feeling it calling my name, Take a moment just to pause and sustain, and Remove clutter from the thoughts in my brain, The lost and the gain of objects, Is often what is causing our pain, so Even if you callin us lame, Still on that narrow path dog, Walking the same, Footsteps that Yeshua took back in the days, When he was trekking through the wilderness, The will to thank God when it rains, It aint about porches and fame, When I reside amongst corpses, Endorphins still course through their veins, It gets deeper, As a keeper, Unable to keep my brother off of the caine, I, feel angered and often am drained, That’s why beyond the torn veil, Where God still remains, Its so sweet bruh, for real. Hook: A (Rap): When the air pierces blue from the cold, I'll cling to the foot of your throne, I will find rest. When the sky bleeds grey from the Storm, I'll pour all I have in your mold, Until Nothing Is Left. B (Sing x2): In your shadow, I know you love us so Though the Storms Come, Winds rage, you keep us Lord, though it tarries, we will overcome, it won’t be long, we'll wait on you, with our weight on you when we are weak you’re strong. we'll wait on you, with our weight on you when we are weak you’re strong. we'll wait on you, with our weight on you when we are weak you’re strong. Verse 2 (Reflect): I tried to build a tower towards the heavens, Swore it was for you God, and all of my brethren, Discovered, that was just my cover up, And the honesty is honestly hard to muster up, Tower of Babel, didn’t even know it, Good intentions entangled with bad motives, More dangerous than terrorists with explosives, But Father’s got a swat team with wings, We took notice, yeah Seconds before I detonate, You disarm my pride and now we levitate, In city limits, but I’m still in another state, When the storm hit, I don’t gotta try to escape. Your peace is my heavenly star gate, Which means I can leave without going to a far place, So where’s the nobel peace prize? For the one who defined peace for mankind. You’re the greatest of all time. [Hook] Verse 3 (JEREMIAH BLIGEN): Daddy was a slave to the bottle, depression was rooted deep. I sit in this waiting room, Im fighting, to keep my feet up, Its hard, Id be lying if I said I dont feel the, Turbulence of this flight my wings, they grow weak but, There lies in you, a place where the noises cease. Your index rests, in middle of my chest. Peace. Just the two of us, safe, the pressure of bills, wither, as all of my cares release, Here. the wretched wisdom of my prevailing pride, dies, grace wails on woes my wistful nature buyed (). Here. resting place of a bout with addiction, my loved ones struggles, nephews, uncles, sisters, nieces aunties, cousins, brothers across a distance, incarcerated kinsman, oh I pray your spirit lifts us A baby boy with such joy in his eyes, And the devastation that'll chase him, as he races through life, here. many will never see past his skin hue, I’m praying you forgive his sins, And that he lives for you. Yeah. But Worrying won’t add a single day. So when Im minus understanding, Let me count on grace. Let your peace Reign. [Hook]
While They’re Red: Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Hook: If you never did another thing, youre alright, youve done enough for us, wish I could give you more but since I have your ear for a short while, I just thought I'll, give em to you now, Though life knocked you down it didn’t stop your fight, so we could be more, you worked day and night, You scratched and clawed and with all of your might, you have served, showed love with your life. While Theyre Red. I just want to say thank you for who you have been, for what youve done, and who you are. While Theyre Red. and as sure as the Lord lives I will honor your stand, you stood in faith, your light will last. Rose. The hustle and bustle, Rose. The Pain, No Gain, Rose. You fought through the struggle, Rose. We Remember Your Name, Rose. Too often we wait, Rose. Until it’s too late, Rose. To give people their roses, Yeah. I’ll give you yours today. Verse 1: You always told me to clean my plate, but before I touched a scrap, I better say my grace, Thanks the Lord before I go to bed, wash them dishes, cant be a dirty man, looking for a misses, That’s for growth and when my execution wasn’t there, you dealt with me in love, it was tough, but it was fair. I needed both. though we only ever had a little, what we had came from you, working your hands to the gristle. thats for sure cutting grass after a long week, you taught me to wear pants to fend off the weeds, not shorts, double shifts and multiple jobs, fighting to make it, to say that you worked hard: understatement. supported family by any means, and the years of sweat and tears were the makings of me true indeed I'll never despise my humble beginnings, forever grateful, so take these roses while theyre red, it means thank you. Salute. [Hook] Verse 2: Sixth Grade, Kool-Aid and Sugar, With out the water, Mixed and Pitched, it for a couple quarters, hustled hard I, was just trying to make some juice money, you saw the risk what it could come to, down the road to 20, yanked me quick punishment for like the whole year, I shed a tear, remember clear, not to do it I feared, the lesson sticked. didn’t get it fully then, but now as a man, I look back thankful, for what you did. I understand. I remember you saving to pay off a debt, Walk in honor, OlÈ man stole and spent it on him, That was sour, I saw you broken over that, I cried, Angry and bitter I couldn't help, Man it Burned me inside. I was young, but I could see and know The violations, But you didn't let it stop you, You started again, and finished paying. I could never grasp why you stayed, But now I do, Your covenant to love was true, Down to the root, So you fought and stood. Remained faithful, Even though he never came through, You never played him. See for you the example to your daughters, It Mattered. So no men ran through our home. Remained sattled. And I respect it. Taught me to make my own meals, Wash my own clothes, Everyone smiling in your face, Ain't your friend, you watch them close .Never bought a single a single jordan, But what we needed you would find, Drug me to church every Sunday, To meet God and give him time, Went without didn't complain, couldn't make it to every game, because you were working so that we could pay, for me to play, Remember when I said is never leave you. I was child. But that sentiment man it was real, That love is real and though I left and Cleaved to my wife. I'll honor you, By loving her, treating her right. .Putting her first under God, consider her feelings, Work hard. Comfort her heart, Walk and Be the leader. Of my home, I may never buy you a house, While on this earth, But our father see he has many mansions, that’ll work, yeah that’ll work. Im thankful that you know the Lord you’ll live forever, but Your legacy here live on, endure the weather, You weren’t perfect, Human indeed, You were exactly what I needed, for me to be me, and just want to let you know Im forever grateful, forever grateful, so take these roses while they’re red, it means thank you. Salute. [Hook]
Neverending: Verse 1, 3 & Hook: Written by Jeremiah Bligen Verse 2: Written by J. Johnson Verse 1 (JB): Top down in a coupe with the wind blowing, and I aint even got a drop, boy my mind's open, that thing, washed clean since the sun flowed in, (Sun is a detergent) stacking treasures, thats a kid, with chuckee cheese tokens, heavenly, not the rubbish down here, through the joint heir, why my knee caps doing stair moves, Ive Found that when I seek, Lord you dont ever play hide, Youre kind, though I acted bad, you never left, playwright (right) stuck to your script, ive been steered, to the way, got cares, but fear none (nun), mary clearanced (Clarence) it away, (Mary clarence is the nun from sister act, Mary also, mother of Jesus) when she brought forth joy, from her womb, all his wounds, would then sooth and deploy power and take root, invested interest in this person, (Root is a character from the TV show Person of Interest) cause you knew that my stock would burn, right (write) works come up short, life of a stenographer, foresight binocular, for the sake of the populous, gracious, so I'll worship even if it aint popular, Hook: Sky High as I roll through city, eyes to the hills, help present, not pity, smile on my face cause the joy thats within me, is my strength, Im just thankful that youre with me. Forsaken my way, Walking in your love, No matter which way the wind blows, Im under the sun, Oh this joy is Neverending! Verse 2: J. Johnson: Jyeah, You have my love, (Yes) You have my trust, (Uh) You make me laugh, (Yup) You make me blush, (Uh) Yup, bugging out thinking bout your promises, Crush, 66 books, red letters, that’s tough, Joy unspeakable, peek a boo Unlimited eternal one, That’s what I think of you, Strength I’m abiding, riding, Grace got me vibing, You bosom where Im hiding, I’m high man; the sky’s no limit, I write so you get it, He’s waiting come and visit, And live with, you dig it, I’m set like a digit, its vivid, Your Warrior for glory, no need to be timid, In stature a midget, to goliath imma giant, A rebel for the kingdom, To the wicked I’m defiant, There’s fullness of joy, In you my true lord, the righteous you fight for, The guilty you abhor. Oh! [Hook] Verse 3 (JB): Source of my strength, Christ the Joy at the center, That’s why we Spring forward, in the middle of winter I aint blind, oh no Ray, I can see it clearly, but the suffering is temporal, lobe - im listening, and clinging to the sentence, secured by the blood, not predicated on works, but subject to his love, so we serve while, waiting, food to the nation, the rock prunes us, thats why eye brow raising (raisin). in the sun praise while I run. stake to the lung, of any bloodsucking vice, all you lice take a plunge, get these worries out of my hair, so i can see you clear, though evil is resident, Im not infected by a fear, yeah we right here planted, sights been granted, know you will be our lens (lin), Jeremy wearing glasses youll see us through, when this lifes on tragic, the surgeon stiching forever, faith and hope on plastic. GAWD! [Hook] Ending: Press forward, God the Center of my life, (everything is gonna be alright) Trust that where I am, is not out of your line of sight, (everything is gonna be alright) Though its hot, I am content with your light, I know (everything is gonna be alright) This present struggle, doesnt compare, I'll find, (everything is gonna be alright)
We Trust: Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Bridge: You’re the reason why we are, So we know that no-thing will go unfound. That’s why no matter where we are, so we know that all things will come around. Verse 1: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard place. trying to be present while keeping food on the plate, A son to go on (son gohan) in faith with a life to match, cause our integrity's not for sell (cell) - phone jack Im saying (Saiyan), no bull ma, we-wrestle-everyday (WWE) with all manner of Cain (Kane) to survive a series (Survivor Series) of shame, We pray, even with pain and sufferings due, we will press to keep the appointment, knowing the surgeon is you. You'll heal, taught the fatherless father, honor, to stand, fighting nail and tooth, for truth, produce wisdom, a man. im riding. even if mother doesnt make it through/ there is nothing I can give her, better than her being with you,/ in everything, from paying a bill to finding a spouse,/ if we never ride in a benz, or purchase a house,/ family in the dungeon, seeing low green./ (C-Lo Green) living as an outcast (OutKast), Trust the way you move, This Elevator, SING./ (The Dungeon Family is a hip hop collective that incudes Cee-Lo Green and OutKast, The Way You Move and Elevator are OutKast hit singles) Hook: So We Trust, So much all around us, Distractions, Disasters, Detours, Our hearts will endure, Lord you found us, Though I don’t know why, we rebel, yet you’re still nigh, Lord open our eyes, reside, so we trust. Verse 2: We’re Marked up, Matthews not for sale now, (One book up from Mark is Matthew, Being marked down is a term used when items are on sale, marked up = not for sale) engaged in war, our mind be the ring now, (Engagement Rings/Also Fighting (War) in a Ring) sing loud, shine bright, Lights in this dark space, bow down, thats shad moss laying prostrate, For God's Sake, who else will we trust? broken homes, cold world, who else comforts us? kids, abused, power misused, murderers sitting plush we stand against a system, designed to crush us, we trust, through low valleys, when tired and out of gas, atop of the highest point, when earth echos a gasp, when class is in session Im comprehending the math, when understanding is fleeting, this trek I cant grasp, We trust you work it out in time, the fullness of him filling, our hearts thoughts, the vine, engrafted, though once fraught, the fruit wrought, the wine, so that we can intertwine, for the Glory of the divine. Salute. [Hook, Bridge, Hook]
Still: Verses 1 & 2, Hook, Bridge Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Verse 3 Written by Cutright Parts of ending taken from the Hymn “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less” Written by Edward Mote Bridge: You are emmanuel, elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah, Son of Man, Great I AM, Almighty, Lord - Plus, Merciful, Gracious, faithful, our leader, the lily of the valley, we worship you. JESUS! Hook: Whether Im riding high, or in a valley of pain, covered in royal garments, or stripped until nothing else remains, YOU ARE HOLY STILL! (YEAH,You are Holy still.) (You are Holy still.) See with my last breath, as this wretched flesh decays, my vocal chords strep, I'd sign to proclaim, YOU ARE HOLY STILL! (YEAH,You are Holy still.) Verse 1: Lifted the Curse, cleaned the version of me trapped in hate,/ righteousness placed, weve won, before we even run the race/ so We faint not, grace precipitates, you reign (rain),/ I will always be an honor to lift up the name./ Worship, as we fight to stay above this water, dive,/ into the deep, of your love, a dell (Adele), couldnt compute your drive,/ (Rolling in the Deep is an Adele song, A Dell is a computer) Slaughtered, totally, you hung to save this crooked I,/ gave up the ghost, laid hollow so love could budd inside (Budden)/ why? Romans 5:9. to keep us safe from fire,/ to marshall this broken world, its bizarre, how your love provides/ covered my kuniving ways transported the spirit swiftly/ now I can stand as proof and say. you deliver the shady,/ (Slaughterhouse/Shady Records References) You said that you would never leave us or deceive us, and you have been here every step of the way, you said that nothing would pluck us out your hand, you love us no thing would ever separate, up high or below, beside, you would withold, no good thing,from your flock, empower,uphold. enlighten, make whole, engraft,us and mold, I'll cling to your truth. no matter the toll. [Hook] Verse 2: Not a career, not a job, not a dollar, not house, not a fear, not a car, not a tugboat, not a yacht, Lord knows, that I love them, but not a friend, or a kin to me, Why? my allegiance is sworn to your divinity. its infantry now, that’s why I Write these similes down, so infants see how, even to the old and senile the waters flow within oh, how I pray we see nile, salute the 3 through action China, we not just trying to see (c) nouns (China is a person (Wrestler-Chyna), place (Country), and thing (Fine China)), You said that you would interweave us and reprieve us, and your word I receive it in faith, if we would believe, repent, you would sheen, our souls through work of the spirit and save, my mind renewed, wing intact, soar in truth, zing the facts, black out, never back out, act out, your word, from a packed house, to the crack house, STILL. threaten our lives, yet we will proclaim, you are the creator who came. From heaven to an earth that he made. to me mangled and slain. conquered hell and the grave. to set a new world in order, oh death where is your sting! (Wrestling references, Sting defeated the nWo) [Hook] Verse 3 (Cutright): When my father passed, When Marissa died (fiancée) When I was recked in my lesson and couldn’t stop thinking about suicide, When the devil attacks my mind, telling me you aren’t real, You were holy then, you are holy still. Ye as I walk through the valley of death, Even though you may slay me I trust in you, You're the reason im drawing breath, The canvas of my lungs for you, And though persecution is coming I lift up my head, And look to your throne, Like Stephen before he was rocked with stones, Declaring you are God alone. [Hook] Ending: Abba father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, My Lord even when you slay me, Still I will shout and proclaim, Rich in mercy and glory honor be unto your name, Abba father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, You are Emmanuel, Elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah, Son of Man, Great I AM, Almighty, Lord - Plus, Merciful, Gracious, faithful, our leader, the lily of the valley, we worship you. JESUS! On Christ the solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand; When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my Hope and Stay.
Nevermore Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Verse 1: You aint got a dollar, You aint worth a cent, Life - made that clear, here, From the jump./ Hes gassed up, racing to get it the fast way, Loading up them shells, Black Mask, Sawed off Pump! / Good Gawd! Have mercy on a wretched heart, We don’t know better, even when we do, / That Pride of Life, Got us lying (lion) to ourselves, Scars got us jaded. And we’ll (will) kill to take what we think is due. / Oh Lord. Stepping on each other, For a piece of cloth,/ For a dead man’s portrait, kill the living, off/ This Hell here, Can’t be the means and the ends,/ At best its average and the mediums a 10./ Fahrenheit, Yeah, the tensions High. Too many Cells See Us (Celsius). Sight, Restrained ,Minds. But Virgil There is hope, In the Heat of the Night, (Virgil is a main character from the show The Heat of the Night) The light of the world, Comes to make all things right. Salute. Hook: Time Ceases And Break, the boundaries of this life, To Pieces, And Shake, the foundation of sin is wasted away, Eternal the presence of love we yearn for its wake, A place, where hatred ends and lust is gone, The panting, of our souls no longer prolonged The darkness, plaguing our hearts is cured and all, Things made new, hope in you, it won’t be long, Nah. Verse 2: You aint got a dollar, you aint worth a cent, Life - made that clear, here, From the jump./ hes out to get it the snatch, stash and dash way, Wall Street Wolfing, Leo riding white collar up! / Good God! Have mercy on a wretched heart, We don’t know better, even when we do, / Thirst of the eyes, made us slaves to desire, Lust stuck to our roots, blood stained to the tooth, Selling off our daughters for change, Fathers are lame, sons minds, slaughtered, enslaved, Justice estranged, selling our souls for some fame, Hearts are in pain, low down dark dirty shame, Word to the Wayans, Hold on, there’s hope. We really don’t belong hair (Not Long, Hair) Pompadour (Short haircut), We will overcome it all, Through faith in the Lord, There is hope for the Raven, When he cries to the source. [Hook] Ending Bridge: Nothing on this earth is going to steal my faith, Take this joy, Remove this grace, Redeemer of my soul, Creator of everything, Keeper of every tear, The Soother of every pain, Giver of salvation, The Lamb that was slain, Strength to weary, Peace to the waves, we’re Walking on this water no our legs won’t faint, Keeper of the Saint, That’s worms for the Raven. Yeah.
Flying Falling Skies: Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Ending Verse Quotes Lyrics from Lecrae (DWYL), Da’T.R.U.T.H (The Faith), Dre Murray (Take it Away) and Eshon Burgundy (TEOTNS) Verse 1: Heaven’s awaiting, But I here, with the DNA of a cheater Know I’m bucking every urge, Dai(Deer)ly not to be eaten, Grandma left bitter, My mother left wheezing, I’m warring (Warren), so my wife, Will never have to know Tina, (Mary Mary) My Sisters were never edified, I was left heated. fired the cold in my heart So my son won’t know fever, Its hard, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see her, And my pride doesn’t fight To be main (mane), to make me a cheetah, But for every temptation, Every thirst, every thought, There is Grace, There is Mercy, There is Strength thank you Lord, Won’t play 9, can’t pretend, (pre ten = 9) I’m fallen and life’s yuck, And I’m pressing so that my nature, Doesn’t erupt and leave me stuck, That’s real, I know me, so I know I’m unworthy, It’s only by his blood, That I am no longer dirty, Press towards the mark, And leave my mark while its early And sing the Gospel from this temple, Shirley. (Shirley Temple is a hairdo, person, and Shirley Caesar is a Gospel Singer) Its On. Hook : Wind beneath my wing, For a mighty long way, Going to for hours, It’s been a mighty long day, (2-4 hours is a day) But the Lord is rest for the weary, We Fly and never faint. Though this Sky is Falling, We will soar, night and day: So all along we sing… We were, Broken, Torn, Rejected, Hurting, Scorned. But for those with eyes on the Lord, Strength, peace, joy, is in store. So I, Flying Falling Skies (X3) Verse 2: And as this time passes, I know things will get worse, But the Truth, will remain so, So, gone prepare me a Hearst, No, we are not deceived, We know how this thing works, He said all the nations will hate you, Because they hated me first, So were not, chasing your likes, Though we strive, to live in peace, But if that compromises the Faith, Then that peace, shall rest in peace. deceased, rose in 3, that’s why I, salute the provost the ghost, about faced me, Set me AJ’s Cohost (Free). Should I never chart, or be considered the goat, I’m content if me rapping, can be used to touch a soul, Encourage one of my statesman, affirm a little girl, put her on who she is to God, and help keep her off a pole, If I never sell a million, Never pack a show, I’m content with being faithful, unto the streets of gold what this world presents, Let my nieces know they’re more, You’re a gift, to be unwrapped, by your husband, none more. let my nephews know I love them, that I’m always here, a good son to my mother, a brother, loving and fair. I’m content with being a man, saved by Grace, Father to my son, Just to see that look on his face, when I walk in to this house, he runs up, we embrace, bless me to love my wife right in deed, not just what I say. good name, salt to earth, servant, warring against the evil, let people know you love them, and that love, has no equal. So Yeah, its lights bright, The Gospel, front and center. Love, Joy, Peace, Hope, Grace, Mercy and Repentance. Mind Renewal, Spirit purging Through abiding in the Scriptures. Balance, His balance, suffer well, live wisdom. (Lecrae + JB) Our Money Our Singleness Marriage Our Time, They belong to us to show the world that Christ is divine, That’s why its Christ in our rhymes, that’s why its Christ all the time, We strive to build our world around him he’s the life in our lines. Cut us open, you’ll see we still bleed that here, One sows, another waters, God’ll increase that yeah, were Clear, preach on, even with feedback there, Life, light bearing, truth of Jesus. We still need that here. (Da T.R.U.T.H. + JB) We on a roll, Tonic told us to write from our souls, Not to think about the reviews or the albums we’ve sold, So we did that, laid back, prayed to get our focus right, Think about what the culture needs, not just what the culture likes, Yeah, so we draw lines in the sand, That would explain the unpopular stance, Like, pro-life, were un-liked but we stand, And still sing psalms and hymns, like the bottom of pants, (Dre Murray) When they think were writing, were really just sparring, Warring, flesh dead wrong, Darwin, Politicking with the land, They looking at us like we foreign, Cause we don’t speak the language of the land, They say we boring, Oh well. My life is but a testament to me, To another, maybe everything they’ll ever need to see So I’m here flying steady, Hail falling, fire beneath, Hoping these seeds take root, Until the Father’s work is complete. Salute. [Hook]
Red Rover: Verse 1 & Hook Written by JEREMIAH BLIGEN Verse 2 Written by Datin Verse 3 Written by Twyse Verse 1: Hell. Yeah, let’s address it first. So the message posted won’t get lost Because you think that Its for show, We’ve become desensitized, We treat it like a curse-, Word and not a place void of Grace, Where people actually go. Look, I promise, it never fails, It’s like every single day, trying to walk this straight and narrow, Something’s always in the way (weigh), On the scale to disrupt my faith, to construct a structure full of hate, put the worst of me on display, but I won’t roast, that beef’s decayed. Look you will try, but you won't break me boy, No matter how you push it, self control, it doesnt bolt, when I lose a little cushion. why you cussing? I aint fussing, That confusion aint for me, Can’t let it take me to a place Where I want your nose to meet my knee! I'm on my knees praying for patience, in this hospital for my peace, Lord let me prove through my responses, That your Spirit lives in me! Humble me, with my memory, The graveness of my case! How I've fallen and autumn too, Let me fight to mirror your grace. Salute. Hook: Against 300 Spartans, We will stand firm, upon your word, your works stands sure, In every area of our lives we will wage war, not by my might, but your spirit Lord. Fight Like Hell, Fight Like Hell: is an actual place, though we've been secured by grace, perseverance proves faith, through it all, we’ll endure this race. Verse 2 (Datin): I know that I myself, I might fail, There aint no way I’m winning this fight, By my own might, I’m frail, Thank God his Holy Spirit lives in me, Yes, inside Christ dwells, So I’m not all alone, my sword is drawn, And I fight like hell. Its faith not optimism, So I’m confident, in the God that’s living in me, So despite my condition I won’t be stopped by the competition, I can see a whole line of demons in front of me with arms locked an hissing, Red Rover, Red Rover, I won’t be blocked by the opposition, Tell them boys they can’t hold me back, Said they can’t hold me back, Step in my way and I’m gone react, See the young homie snap, Then with the force of a freight train, I run for it and break chains, then take claim, Of the evidence that I have Jesus, My grace came. This gone happen every day, Tryna walk this straight narrow, Something’s always in the way, But no weapon formed against me, Cant contain me or restrain me Cause the lion is within me, You gone only make him angry, Let’s go. [Hook] Verse 3 (TWyse): You know the house of cards well I know the deal, You happy being despicable, you don’t want this joy for real, I’ll chill. No Malice, but don’t treat me like, I squeak or I squeal, cause then you’ll push a T, Wait, That’s my flesh talking; this right here is spiritual, Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I aint got nothing to fight for, All I gotta do is find floor, Kneel there, Pray there, Prostrate, even when my heart is irate, For Iraq and ISIS, I is, a Christian, I know what it’s like to be headed, In the right direction then get cut off. I know, You fighting what you can’t see so, I know, You gotta use who you can’t see, Meaning don’t be strong southpaw in the power of your right, No. Be strong, in the Lord, And the power of his might, Cause, The battle is about standing and strength only And those of us who can stand, We won’t fall for nothing homie, Salute.


released December 11, 2015

Copyright 2015. FLIGHT 40. NFTRY.

All tracks mixed and mastered by TJ Pompeo for Audio Therapy Productions.

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Special Thanks:
My wife, Kerin (TFS), son Kaleb and the Bligen Household, Maria Bligen, Sheila Fairbanks, The Summers Family, The Richardson Family, The Hairston Family, Micahl "Meezy" Thompson, Kellus Hill, Renitia Bligen and Family, Josephine Strong, Ben Mercedes II, Pat Junior, Wontel, Jonathan "Drifta" Cohen and Richard Cutright. The NFTRY.


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Jeremiah Bligen North Carolina

Johns Island, SC native Jeremiah Bligen is committed to producing life-inspired content that encourages faith and devotion.

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